13oz 370g Ultralight Backpacking Tarp Shelter

A 2 part system which is great option for a summer backpacking trip.

Ground Sheet

Making the ground sheet out of a cardboard box which you can lie on top of with space around.

Once the cardboard box is to size, put it on top of the ground tarp and trace around it.

Cut the shape out of the tarp material.


Cut the tarp to shape, roughly each side of the square tarp should be 33% longer than your ground sheet length.

To make the corner tie outs, fold each side in 1" in the corner, then tape down with duct tape which is 2-3" in length and 1" wide. Fold the other side of that corner in on itself by 1" and then tape that down, this should create a 90degree corner with the tape. Finally tape over the whole corner with a longer piece which goes from one side to the other, do this twice.

Use your grommet kit to pierce holes in the corner, through all the tape you just added, adding a metal grommet to each corner.

Do the same with the flat edge of the tarp, follow the video for the guide.

Pitching The Tarp

A masons twine and a taut line hitch with an extra hitch to secure the stakes to the tie-outs.




Shelter Type
Build Level
370.000000 g
Shelter Dimensions
250.000000 × 250.000000 × 0.100000 cm
Packed Dimensions
25.000000 × 20.000000 × 5.000000 cm
Bug Proof
Shelter Support
Tent Wall
Shelter Height
Make Time
2 hours
Packed Volume
2.000000 l
Pitch Time
5 minutes
Tools & Equipment Used