How To Make a Freediving Neckweight for Depth and Dynamic Pool Diving

Below the video shows how you can make a basic freediving neck weight and also introduces some amendments you can make to them and even an alternative.  The first couple of minutes introduce you to the parts you will need for the neck weight, these are:

  • Inner tube, preferably 2" or thicker (mountain bike inner tube)
  • Cable ties
  • Lead shot (ball bearings)
  • Balloons or small sacks to put the lead shot inside for extra security
  • Quick release buckle
  • Strapping (Approximately 12")

To go through the process of creating it again we can put it in to these following steps.

  1. Get your inner tube, the thicker the better and measure your neck length, add approximately 20cm in length so that the tube will fill with weight, expand and still fit around your neck.
  2. Fill the neck weight with the required weight, make sure to pack it in properly or even use something like balloons. With these you can separate the weight in to smaller bags and it will help make sure the lead shot does not leak out of your neck weight.
  3. Slip your ribbon or fabric through the bottom of the quick release buckle, double it up and then tie a basic knot in to it, does this on both male and female parts of the buckle.
  4. Slide the knot in to the neck weight first and make sure that buckle is in the inner tube as well.
  5. Grab the knot once a few inches in and add a cable tie above it, secure this tightly around as tightly as you can.
  6. Pull down the excess inner tube so that it sits around the knot and the buckle should now be showing.
  7. Turn the neck weight around and repeat on the other side.
  8. Once these are both done, you can now clip your neck weight together around your neck and use for freedive training or competitions.
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1 hours
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